One-Page Website 101

Are you looking for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia to help you out with your new WordPress blog? Choosing a good web host can be challenging, but with thorough research, you can do it. Another important concern you must deal with is to decide whether you will hire a professional, seasoned website developer, or build the website yourself.

Hiring a website developer and designer will sure cost you thousands of dollars! Have you ever thought of creating the website yourself? Many people at present are choosing to build one-page websites for personal use or business purposes.

A one-page website help you establish an online identity without committing to the creation of a big, multi-page website. A big website would take time to build, and lots of money to be maintained. Creating a one-page website, however, can be done through a website builder. These website builders have templates that can help you make a website in just a few hours, with little to no coding experience.

The Elements of a One-Page Website

A single web page may include the following:

1.Business Name

This part can also include your company logo.

2.Call to Action Button or Statement

This is specifically important because it gives you the opportunity to acquire contacts and emails for marketing purposes.


This includes a motto or a mission statement, as well as your business’ full description. Tell people the things you specialize in, and how long have you been around.


Adding visuals can be a bit tricky, since you can’t just download images online, and use them on your web pages. You also need to make sure that the photos are relevant to your business and website, in addition to dealing with licensing fees.


Remember that contact information doesn’t end with your phone number and location address. If you can, link your website to your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Your social media pages also function as an avenue to contact you.