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Horse Betting 101: How to Go for the Pick 3 Wager

What is a Pick 3 wager? It is a wager that requires a person to choose the winner of 3 consecutive races. In general, it provides a bigger pay-off, compared to just betting on 3 particular horses that will win every race.

Do you know that it is also one of the most unique, popular bets compared to the typical togel online? Most people would say that it is so much easier to choose winners, instead of selecting losers. This is the case with another 3-horse bet Trifecta.

The Level of Difficulty – Hard

What is the time required? 30 Minutes

How to bet the Pick 3 Wager?

  1. Choose the horse that you think will win every race. It’s okay to choose more than 1 in every race. However, this will cost you more.
  2. Walk over to the betting window. Inform the clerk which particular race and track you would want to bet on. In Pick 3, you need to call the race number of the initial leg of the race series that you have handicapped.
  3. Did you only choose 1 horse every race? Then, tell the clerk the names of the horses you have chosen. $2 at certain tracks can be the minimum of a Pick 3 wager.
  4. Did you choose more than 1 horse every race? Then, tell the clerk the names of the horses you have selected.
  5. Check the details of your ticket before leaving the window.
  6. It’s time to cheer for your selections.

Pick 3 Wager Tips and Techniques

  1. Find guaranteed pools in the Pick 3. These are usually viewed on huge race days with plenty of stakes races. It can be challenging to handicap, but it can provide value.
  2. The more horses a person picks in every race, the better the chance of cashing in the ticket.  However, the ticket will also be more expensive.
  3. It is possible to identify the price of your wager. You just need to multiply the number of horses in every race with the amount wagered.
  4. Some of the tracks will allow a person to fill out Pick 3 bets. This is on a particular betting card very similar to the one that is used for wagering Pick 6. This is very much recommended since it can lessen the chance of calling out horse number errors.
  5. Always inquire about the track program for every minimum amount of your track. If you want, you can wager a bigger amount.
  6. Take note that you will only win if all of your choices will win. But, you need to pay more.
  7. Be reminded that the Pick 3 is a much better bet for casual bettors or small-time bettors. Why? Well, it has low guaranteed payouts and minimums every time.