5 Interior Design Techniques for Your Home

1.Use your furnishings as a guide to paint color.

Choosing the right paint colors for your home can be really challenging. The best thing you can do for this is to utilize your favorite pieces of furniture, rugs or curtains as guides in picking the right colors. Familiarizing yourself with color psychology with regards to interior design would also help.

2.Never go overboard on themes.

Do you want to utilize the rustic cabin look in your home? That is a nice design, but keep in mind that when it comes to themed space, you should resist the urge to overboard. You wouldn’t want to lack originality. Your home design should mirror your personality.

3.Focus on layer lighting.

Never depend on overhead lights for your home lighting needs. Look for a central lighting fixture, and them supplement it with wall sconces and lamps. Need help with home lighting? Research on an architect company in Malaysia that can help you with layer lighting.

4.Hang mirrors.

Mirrors are not only mere decorations. They serve an important purpose. If you want your living room to appear a lot bigger and brighter, put up a mirror to add more interest in the space. To make it even more appealing, a decorative mirror would be an amazing addition.

5.Be careful in adding souvenirs and collectibles.

Just because you purchased a good art piece while on vacation doesn’t mean you should hang it on your bedroom wall. If it doesn’t really blend well on that specific space, then don’t display it. What if your room has a black and white theme, and the art piece has muted colors? Just look for another area that would work well with it.